FAQs about PaperCut Lakes

Why lakes?


Do you accept custom orders?

How do you create these lakes?

I started off making my own private collection of lakes marking my most favorite ones in Manitoba, Canada (we have over 100k lakes!). There are family stories behind the lakes I created in my own series, as my family spends much of the summer near some body of water. Many others who shared the same love of Manitoba, wanted their favorite lakes made too, even those who had moved to other provinces. You'd be surprised how many people have a special memory or story that takes place at the lake. “At the lake” is a common expression here, that excuses you from any engagement without question! Why not have that little piece to take home with you?


Yes! I am currently accepting commissions for PaperCut Lakes only (not for painted work with any medium/media at this time)
Commissioned work starts at $135 including frame. Because of the nature of the artwork, there may be slight variations in the cuts as well as the color of the paper. I am not limited to Manitoba lakes. If I can gather enough data for the lake, or other body of water, I can likely do it. It usually takes several hours (in chunks of time between my family, work, and school commitments) and about one week to completion, if time allows. Feel free to browse and reach out to me if you have any questions (I'm pretty friendly!).


It starts off with a bunch of research, information and map gathering. I work with a few maps at a time, and determine what best represents the lake based on the information I gathered and for this point in time (I have seen a few islands disappear!). After creating several drawings, I create the layers for cutting. Using a few different blades and methods, the layers are cut and carefully adhered together. The final piece is then sealed with a matte UV coating to help preserve the color.


I see that your lake art pieces are 12x12” when finished. Can you make them bigger or smaller?


I am limited in the size of cardstock I can obtain, but 12x12" is a visually pleasing size (I love squares and grids!!). This size is great for showing small details and produces less paper waste than if I were to make them smaller. Larger sizes can be done as individual tiles of a bigger finished piece. I can also change the perspective of an area "zooming in/out" to help you decide what best highlights and balances your special place.


Do I have to use those colors?

How can I make my lake even more special?


I’m in Winnipeg, is pick up an option?


Do you ship outside of Canada?

No. I have many options available for color and you can change the color of the water or land to suite you. The top layer can also be in cherry or white birch wood (at an extra cost).


Many people have added special markings such as hearts, geotags, script, trails, and roads. I can even alter spacing between layers, elevate land. I can also stain the wood layer, if needed. The lakes in my series or any commissioned work are available with a shadowbox frame (black or white) with adjustable depth.

Yes!! Use code FREELOCAL at check out and we can make arrangements.


Please contact me for details.